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Slaying the GMAT Reading Comprehension: Proven Dos and Don'ts

If you're a prospective MBA student, then you know that the GMAT is an essential part of the admissions process. The RC section in particular can be daunting and tricky to conquer. However, with good preparation, savvy time management skills, and some smart tricks up your sleeve, you can definitely master this exam section and score high points. In this blog post, we will provide tested dos and don'ts on tackling GMAT Reading Comprehension so that you ace it when test day comes! 

Understand the Goal of Reading Comprehension - Gain an Overview

Knowing what to look for when reading a GMAT RC passage can save you time and energy when answering the accompanying questions. By gaining an understanding of the author's intention, you will be able to approach each question with a clear idea of how to effectively answer it. With better comprehension comes the ability to read without guessing or skimming through text. To hone your skills, start with reading strategies that focus on finding and summarizing the main point of a text in order to gain a better understanding. Once these strategies are fully understood, you will be able to tackle any text with ease and skill.

Analyze the Passage and Make Predictions About What You’ll Read

The GMAT RC section requires an awareness of the passage in order to make accurate predictions about what comes next. By following key steps, such as identifying the structure of the passage and paying attention to clues like transitions and theme, readers can develop a sense of expectation that will help them understand the passage better. By following this process as we read, we can apply our understanding of the passage to anticipate upcoming details in the upcoming paragraphs. Taking the time to consider these predictions will help you gain a better overall understanding of the material and increase your chances of success in the GMAT exam.

Utilize Skimming Strategies to Save Time on Unfamiliar Terms & Concepts

When faced with large amounts of material or unfamiliar terms and concepts, it can be useful to utilize skimming strategies in order to save time. Skimming involves reading rapidly and taking note of key points such as headings, highlighted terms, figures, diagrams, and summaries. This helps to not only identify important elements quickly but locate information within the text that is relevant to the task at hand. With practice, a well thought out skimming strategy can prove invaluable for any reader attempting to move through large texts in an efficient manner.

Don’t Spend Too Much Time on Questions You Can’t Answer, Move On Quickly

GMAT RC can be a tricky task, and when it comes to trying to answer questions that you just don't seem to understand, it's important to know when enough is enough. Spending too much time on these questions can seriously eat up your test-taking time which, if not managed properly, could result in lower scores overall. The best tip for GMAT RC is therefore to quickly identify the questions that are out of reach and move on, so that you have equal opportunities in tackling each section of the test effectively. Although it may seem appealing to linger and try to solve difficult problems, devoting too much time frustratedly attempting them could prove costly and diminish your performance.

To summarize, the GMAT Reading Comprehension section can feel daunting at first glance, but with the right approach you can have confidence in your understanding and score well in this section. Start by getting an overview of the passage and read actively to get closer to the text's content. It is important that you recognize when a question may be too difficult for you so that you choose to move onto the next. With these strategies in mind, focus on being comfortable navigating passages quickly and efficiently while still understanding the underlying material. If you want to feel even more prepared for your GMAT exam, reach out to our experienced team here at Merchant GMAT who can help guide you on your journey towards success. Don’t just apply - stand out with our support.

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Anish Merchant

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