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Can an MBA make you a better entrepreneur?

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Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg are very famous “university dropout” entrepreneurs. On the other hand there are many examples of successful companies that have been founded by MBA’s.

French car sharing service BlaBlaCar, US eyewear brand Warby Parker, home design company Houzz and latest tech unicorn Cloudflare are a few recent hits we found from a few Google searches.

Today we want to look into how valuable is an MBA for an entrepreneur?

Our first article is a recent interview we did with Merchant GMAT & Admissions alumni Matias Bugada, who is an entrepreneur by trade and decided to tackle his MBA at Yale. Find out why it is important for him and for his journey.

This weeks external contributions come from from Business Insider, who gives us the top 25 Business Schools for Entrepreneurship, The Financial Times try and figure out whether an entrepreneur should do an MBA vs not? And, finally Top MBA, break down what exactly you get if you want to pursue an MBA in Entrepreneurship.

Lots of great content. Enjoy!

The Entrepreneurial Route to Yale

A matter of weeks before he starts the next leg of his life’s journey we caught up with Matias Bugada, an incoming student in Yale School of Management class of 2022. He tells us about his story from entrepreneurship to Yale. Read more here.

Can an MBA make you a better entrepreneur?

PayPal’s Peter Thiel is said to have advised: “Never hire an MBA; they will ruin your company.” On the other hand Silicone Valley unicorn, Cloudflare was founded by Harvard MBA classmates who say that  the company would not exist without Business School. What do you think? Read more here.

The 25 best MBA programs in the world for ambitious entrepreneurs

Business Insider gives us the best business schools in the world are ranked each year by education specialists QS Quacquarelli Symonds. Here are the top 25 global MBA programs for careers in entrepreneurship, according to the QS rankings. Read it here.

What does an MBA in Entrepreneurship teach me?

Having an entrepreneurial mindset is key for success in business, and today, entrepreneurs are more important than ever before in advancing the social and financial make-up of nations across the globe. That’s why, more and more people are choosing to undertake an MBA in entrepreneurship. But, what exactly does this enigmatic degree entail, and who should pursue it? Read it here.

Take the next step in your career today.

Anish Merchant

CEO & Co-Founder

- "Preparing for the GMAT and applying for an MBA requires a tremendous commitment, and that doesn’t take into consideration the personal challenges our students must face when deciding if they want to leave their friends, families, and native cultures behind to advance their careers abroad. An MBA is not for everyone and that’s precisely what makes this advanced degree so valuable. 

For these reasons, we at Merchant only work with students we are confident have what it takes to succeed throughout the preparation and application processes.

Given an increased demand in our services, we do not have the ability to offer free consultation services to unserious applicants. If you are interested in learning more about Merchant, please fill out this form. After reviewing your LinkedIn profile, our team will be in touch with you if we feel you are a good fit for our services."